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The AI Framework

Our approach to AI (Artificial Intelligence) is driven by Dr. Whitewood and team’s research into the topics of time series models, signal processing, Reinforcement Learning, neuro-symbolic architectures, and more. We also collaborate with leading Universities such as UCL.

Our focus is on financial market predictions, where aspects such as noise, non-stationarity, and small datasets make the problem very challenging. 

Explainability and transparency are a core part of the solutions we create, hence the name of our firm, XAI (eXplainable AI).   

XAI Investment Systems

We run a set of systematic investment strategies using our AI based prediction engine, called GAIA (Global AI Allocator). These strategies are either relative value or long/short directional, macro focused, and trade highly liquid, global assets. They also exhibit very low correlations to global equities. 


Contact us to learn more.  

Example Uses

Asset Predictions

Custom Portfolios

Investment portfolios that are driven by indicators or themes e.g. inflation expectations

Custom Indicators

NLP derived indicators such as risk appetite and sentiment based

Systematic Strategies

Relative Value and Long Short Directional, systematic investment strategies

Predictions for global assets together with key drivers / explanations

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