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The Firm and Our Vision

We are a hedge fund and research provider, operating at the intersection of Macro and Artificial Intelligence

Why Did We Start the Company?

The Future of Intelligence

We think that most areas of economic life will be transformed in the next decade by the integration of machine intelligence with human insight, experience and judgement. We want to help create that future.

Low Return World

New forms of active management are urgently needed. Active managers are losing market share even though standard passive portfolios will likely produce low to negative real returns over the next 5-10 years.

The Power to Innovate

Small start-ups now have better access to state of the art data processing and security than many incumbents.

Our Vision

We believe the future of intelligence is a combination of human and machine. Combining the distinct benefits of human and machine intelligence is necessary to tackle the unique challenges within finance, for example noisy data sets and changing market regimes.

Asset Management as an industry is changing, and AI will be a key element of the Investment Firm of the Future.  These enabling AI systems will have to be transparent and explainable if they are going to be trusted. 

Our firm is researching, developing, and deploying AI systems that provide a path to this future of investing.

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