Explainable AI
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River Thames, London
Explainable AI for Asset Management and Research

We are a boutique asset management firm and research provider.
We combine world-class macro with advanced machine learning techniques.

Explainable AI

​Dr. Aric Whitewood is an expert in the application of data science and machine learning to financial markets. Our AI approach and platform puts extreme computing power into an explainable framework, that can perform well across multiple asset classes and market regimes.

Fund Management

We design and run systematic investment strategies focused primarily on asset selection. ​

  • Long/Short

  • Market Neutral

  • Long Only

Our strategies target Sharpe ratios 1-3 within the volatility range 5-13%.

Outstanding performance through the COVID shock.

World Class Macro

Jonathan Wilmot is known across the industry for his insight into secular trends, investor behaviour and the global cycle, developed over the past 40 years. Our research focus is on what matters most for global markets today and how to prepare for a structurally different future.


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