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Products and Services

We are a boutique asset management and research firm, focusing on macro and AI. We produce and run systematic investment products, as well as custom indices, and advisory services.


Systematic Investment Products

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Custom Indices

Indices and Portfolios

Custom indices and portfolios can be created according to clients needs and delivered via API or other means.

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Research and Advisory

AI Strategies

A set of investment strategies produced using our Global AI Allocator Platform. These use proprietary machine learning techniques to adaptively switch between global indices, also implemented using highly liquid ETFs.

Risk Appetite Strategy

An investment strategy based on an expert system framework, which uses a proprietary Risk Appetite (investor sentiment) Indicator to identify periods of market euphoria and panic. A combination of fundamentally derived rules provide asset allocation and portfolio selection decisions, implemented using highly liquid ETFs.

Custom Investment Strategies

Development of custom investment products based on clients specific needs.

Macro Research

We provide Macro Research in the form of regular reports to clients on a regular basis. A free trial of our research offering is available for the first two months. Learn more here

AI Advisory

AI Advisory for financial services firms, such as analytics projects, advice on best practices, strategy, and appropriate use of model types and techniques.

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