AI: a Threat or a Liberator?

Aric Whitewood took part in a panel debate on “AI: a threat or a liberator?”, organised through CSFI (a financial services think tank) and Dentons, the law firm.

To watch the videos, request access on the Dentons Horizon Brief site:

This breakfast briefing on artificial intelligence is part of the ‘Digital Threat’ series that the CSFI has been running with the law firm, Dentons. As ever, some will see the rapid development of technology that can match the human brain as a threat, others will welcome it. Neither camp really knows to what extent, and when, breakthroughs in machine learning will become firmly embedded in the financial services industry.


The fundamental question is: will these programs complement what we do, or replace us? To break down the debate into less existential terms, this “Horizon Brief’ event will tackle the following questions:

  • How different is AI from automation?
  • How will the additional capabilities unfold?
  • What will be the impact on financial services’ innovation and competition?
  • And what might all this mean for jobs in, and the profitability of, the sector?